What We Believe

Core Beliefs

Beliefs can be classified as Core or Shared. We believe that the following core beliefs are essential for attaining Salvation and are explicitly stated in Scripture without exception. Our shared beliefs are not vital for salvation and may not be clearly and unambiguously addressed in Scripture. It is crucial for our church to establish a clear position on these shared beliefs to ensure that we remain united and cohesive as a community. Our teachings and ministries are rooted in the following biblical core beliefs.

There is one eternally existing God who has three distinct persons: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. He is the creator of all that exists, both visible and invisible, and is therefore worthy of all glory and praise.  God is perfect in love, power, holiness, goodness, knowledge, wisdom,  justice, and mercy. He is unchangeable and therefore is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
God has revealed himself to us through his son, Jesus Christ, who is the visible image of the invisible God, the holy scriptures, and through all of creation itself.
Mankind & Sin
Both male and female were created in God’s image to bring glory to Him and to have a relationship with Him.  According to the creation account in Genesis, Adam and Eve were the first humans and were created without sin. They were tasked with taking care of God’s creations. However, they disobeyed God, which resulted in a change in their nature, and they became distorted versions of what they were originally made to be – which was in the image of God.  When they sinned, they became disconnected from God, leading to physical and spiritual death (i.e. separation from God) for themselves and their descendants.  As a result, all humans are now sinners by nature and by choice, alienated from God, and apart from salvation through Jesus Christ, will be eternally separated from God in a Christless place called Hell.

One purpose of Jesus Christ’s life was to restore our relationship with God. He lived a sinless life and willingly sacrificed himself on the cross to pay for our mistakes. God resurrected him, and now, by His mercy, offers eternal life as a free gift to anyone who confesses Jesus as their Lord and believes in His resurrection. Salvation cannot be earned by our actions but is a gift from God. We believe that all true believers will be kept safe in Christ forever and will show evidence of a changed life.

Our belief is that Jesus Christ will return one day to judge both the living and the dead and usher in God’s Kingdom on earth.

We hold the belief that the Bible is the Word of God, directly spoken by God and inspired through the Holy Spirit to Human authors who recorded it using their own personalities.  It serves as the ultimate, absolute, and impeccable source of authority in both teachings and actions. Every scripture has value in guiding, correcting, and admonishing the lives of those who believe in Jesus Christ.

Shared Beliefs

If you want to know more about our Shared Beliefs, please contact us! We have established an official position on the following topics and would love to have a conversation with potential partners to talk about our position on these matters.

- Marriage
- Church Government
- Women's Leadership Roles
- Gender Identity
- Sexuality

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us."
- A.W. Tozer