Help Connect Your Community to TriStar Church!

Here at TriStar, we are always teaching about the importance of taking the Gospel to the places you live, work, and play. On this page, we want to emphasize the importance of connecting with and inviting people to be a part of TriStar Church. We want everything we do to be about “the one”… one more person who finds hope. One more follower of Jesus. One more person who we can love and care for. We each have “ones” who are close to us but not God.

We are asking you to take the time to reach out to your “ones".” Take the time to text, email, or post on social media about our church and invite others to join us for worship at TriStar Church. Our impact is greater together.

Below you will find resources and graphics to help make it easier to invite your “one” to join us via social media or text. Download the image you want to use and share with those you want to invite. You will even find scripts below if you can’t think of anything to say. Help us to make an impact on our community by inviting your “ones.”

Text A Friend To Invite Them To TriStar!

Just click the button below to text someone you know right now and invite them to come to TriStar Church with you!

Download Images To Share on Social Media

Below you will find several pre-made social media graphics that you can download and share directly on all your social media accounts! As always, anytime you like the content on our social media channels or share it, it helps to connect more people to us.

Download this image to share on your social media!

Download this image to share on your social media!

Download this image to share on your social media!

Download this image to share on your social media!

Download this image to share on your social media!

Share Your Own Story!

Take some time to share your own experience at TriStar Church with others on Social Media! Here are a couple of suggestions:

- Take a picture during worship or the sermon and post what you enjoyed during the service that day!

- Take a picture during your Missional Community group and talk about what they mean to you or their impact on your life!

- Take a picture with someone during Sunday and talk about how thankful you are for them and the chance to see them at TriStar.

- Take a picture of someone serving on a Sunday and thank them for what they do each week to make TriStar a place where people can experience Jesus!

- Create a post telling people about the difference TriStar Church has made in your life!

These are just a few ideas! Whatever you come up with, make sure to tag TriStar Church so people can easily get more information if they want to!